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Add digital Post-it notes and task reminders to your desktop
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It is not unusual to see computer screens in offices and at home buried behind tens of Post-it notes. They are so popular and so useful that it was but a matter of time before digital versions started to emerge. Digital Notes replicates their look and feel while adding an entirely new functionality that paper Post-it notes fail to provide – periodic reminders. Besides, the program allows for appearance customization and can show all stickers on top of your desktop with just one click of your mouse.

As intuitive as paper Post-it notes, Digital Notes makes your annotations look like them also. The program opens as a new yellow digital sticker where you can type your messages, phone numbers, and immediate reminders. However, you can always change the background color, the level of transparency, and the font appearance of your stickers to fit your preferences. If you wish, you can set it to add the current time and date to your notes, though be warned that all notes will be lost as soon as you close the program.

Probably the program’s best feature is the possibility of creating reminders. There are five types, ranging from once to annually and including hourly, daily, and monthly reminders. Each of them comes with its own settings dialog, where you can set the time, date, a day of the week, month, etc., depending on the type of reminder you’re creating.

Though being a shareware software product, the only difference between registering and not registering the program lies in the number of ads and nag screens you are willing to accept. Registered users will also be notified of any free updates that become available.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows for appearance customization
  • Offers a wide variety of periodic reminders
  • Shows all stickers on top with one click


  • Notes cannot be saved for later use
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